It’s a…

Countdown… T minus 0

It’s a day past the due date. (Boy, that was MEAN, wasn’t it?) I had a very quiet day yesterday. I finished some cleaning and some improvements in the kitchen that have been bugging me since we moved in (Larry said it looked like a professional had done it). I wanted to get a few more things done but I got REALLY tired all of a sudden so I went down and watched CLUELESS on HBO. For some reason, I find that movie appropriate for the situation.

I got a decent sleep on Wednesday and Thursday nights which was GREAT. It really helped my attitude. Last night was a bit rougher but today is a beautiful day and Larry and I are going to take it easy. I had a great acupuncture session (another weapon in the “we’re ready to meet BABY YOUNG arsenal) which was relaxing and wonderful as always. My friend Ifen suggested we do something spontaneous today so Larry and I are going to go down and have a nice stroll on Pier 39 and Fisherman’s Wharf. There are such fun things to see and lots of places to stop (and eat).

No good stories to tell today so I’m keeping this short. We’re looking forward to tomorrow because Larry’s mother arrives and on Monday my grandmother arrives. If the baby isn’t here yet I look forward to outings with them assuming the weather stays glorious.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention…

One of our newest books, THE HOMELESS CHANNEL by Matt Silady was reviewed in ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY which gave it an A-! Whee!

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  1. CONGRADULATIONS I just heard that I have a great nephew. Am I old enough to have one? I will talk to you when you are home from the hospital.

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