Superb Grandma Shirley

We’re home and adjusting to life at Ocean Beach. We had a good but very active evening and Grandma Shirley works her magic to keep everyone quiet and calm and entertained with stories.

I hope to be posting more later after breakfast (for both of us) with some details about our first few days together.

A quick note to everyone all over the world who have been so incredible with all the wonderful good wishes. Larry and I are overwhelmed at how amazing everyone is. Walker’s birth has been blogged by so many wonderful people including our friends Dirk Deppey, Warren Ellis, and even posted on the PUBLISHER’S WEEKLY blog by friend and journalist Heidi MacDonald.

All this attention is a lot to live up to but I’m sure Walker will rise to the challenge. He is, after all, only three days old so we’ll take it (literally) one day at a time.

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