Mother’s Day 2009

This was the best Mother’s Day ever. OK, granted, I’ve only had one other one for comparison but really, this one was pretty spectacular. We made it a long weekend. Larry and I dropped off the Little Man, packed up the car for a weekend at Sea Ranch and headed off to a 10:30 showing of the new STAR TREK movie. (Turns out we crashed a corporate event at the 10:30 showing — a company full of geeks playing hooky — priceless.) We picked up a sleepy Walker who presented me with his Mother’s Day present from Day Care — he made me a cupcake (all the kids helped), a fabulous plate, and a very nice Mommy certificate. On the way up to Pop Pop’s house, we needed to get out and stretch our legs so we stopped off at Fort Ross, a former Russian/Eskimo/Indian trading outpost. Walker practiced running and going up and down stairs all by himself.

The rest of the weekend was just as fantastic. Walker played outside, ate really well, slept like a log, and his verbal skills exploded! He loved getting Tickle Buzzies from Pop Pop (before falling asleep, Walker gave me one), playing on the exercise equipment, and dragging his fire engine around the meadow.

I won’t make anyone cry with this year’s posting like I did with last year’s tribute to my mother. This year, I thought I’d list a few of things that make me happy that I’m a mom:

  • When Walker calls me “momma” but especially when he calls me “mommy” (he tried it out for a few days last week)
  • Big huge hugs with tiny little arms
  • Snuggling with Walker on the couch
  • Sleeping cheek to cheek with his arms around my neck
  • Hearing him giggle
  • Watching him blow bubbles
  • Hearing him use a new word for the first time (today he said “beeeEECH”
  • Watching him draw pictures
  • Singing songs with him (our new duet is “Itsy Bitsy Spider where he says “spiDER” the first time but sings “Barney” and “Elmo” the rest of the song)
  • Interactive bedtime stories — he yells “spOOOOON” or “I’m not NITE NITE” in his new favorite books
  • Hearing an unsolicited “Ank Oooo” (which is the polite boy saying “thank you” unprompted)
  • Holding hands
  • Playing Ring Around the Rosie
  • Hearing “Hi Momma” (with the wonderful clapping and yelling in delight that follow)
  • Watching him sleep
  • Kisses, snotty and otherwise

So essentially, anything and everything about Walker makes me happy to be a Mom. He makes my world a better place. It’s sappy and I suspect a sentiment shared by each and every Mommy out there, but there it is. He thrills, excites, exhausts, and fills me with love.

Happy Mother’s Day to every mom out there — especially to those women to loved and shaped me — Mommy, Janie, Shirley and Mommo.

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