My Favorite Color

When Larry and I started dating, he would ask me things like, “What’s your favorite movie?” or “If you were stranded on an island, what CD would you bring?” or “Who would play you in the movie of your life?” These are all stumpers for me as are basic questions like, “What’s your favorite animal?” or “What’s your favorite food?” I’ve never thought much about any of these things and when I do, it always depends on what I’ve seen recently, whether it’s cold outside, or if I’m PMSing.

But a few weeks ago, I was driving Walker to school and we started talking about color and he asked the obvious question. “Mommy, what’s your favorite color?”

Stalling for time, I asked him what color he likes. His response was immediate, “Black because that is the color of Venom and the spider on Spider Man’s costume!”

He looked at me expectantly. I started to answer with my stock response (red) but, I wanted to honor his question and for the first time I put some thought into it. I don’t really own much that’s red. I have a computer bag I got for free and a scarf I bought. But that’s it. My purse is green and I have a matching green iPad cover. My green gloves match my travel cup. My new fancy jacket is green and grey. So, it would appear I’m drawn to the color green. Uncharacteristically, I put even MORE thought into why I have forsaken the color I thought was my favorite for a color I’ve thought was nice for walls but not much else. Yes, it’s the color of trees and gardens and life but that’s not it.

Then it dawned on me.

Walker’s eyes are green.

And driving through the lush greenness of Golden Gate Park on that sunny morning, I started to tear up. Then I remembered my mom’s eyes were also a shade of green. And then tears rolled down my face.

My voice trembling, I answered “Green. Green is my favorite color because it’s the color of your eyes and there’s nothing more beautiful in the world to me.”

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