Knocked Up

People keep saying that we’re not going to be able to do much once the baby is here and movies are certainly going to be more difficult. So, Larry and I have been trying to see all the movies we can including Ocean’s Thirteen, the Fantastic Four movie, and of course, Knocked Up.

We actually went to see the movie on Thursday night and Larry had the great idea to take my picture in front of the movie poster. WHAT A GREAT IDEA. The catch was that the theater we went to only has posters for UPCOMING movies, not movies currently playing. So, in the spirit of “one more thing…” Larry and I went on a quest to find a poster for the photo op. Good thing we planned on going downtown to see the FANTASTIC FOUR since there are two big theaters right next to each other. The quest was short-lived but could have easily turned into an obsession as I was hell-bent on finding a poster, transit ad, or something. Thank goodness we came across this great stand up.

And two more things to mention:

Being knocked up has it’s uproarious moments but the combination of no sleep, the alien fidgeting around in my belly, my sore hips and the waiting for B-day, I’d probably only give it four stars and call it “humorous”.

You will notice that my belly is hanging out all over the place. I never quite understood why pregnant ladies let their skin show. Now I know. You don’t have much choice when you’re sporting a 45 inch waist.

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