Easy Schmeasy

Baby Boy Young was born 8:30 this morning at a healthy 7lbs 7oz after a super easy labor of only 9 hours. Everyone is doing great and more detail will be coming but I’m blogging from my phone. (Photos are also from my phone and can be found on the right.)

10 thoughts on “Easy Schmeasy”

  1. WECOME TO THE WORLD,BABY YOUNG!!! I KNOW YOUR MOM AND DAD ARE GLAD TO MEET YOU. THanks for making your birth not too bad for your mom. Can’t wait to find out what your name is.

  2. Wow… blogging hours after delivering a baby – now that’s impressive!!

    Congratulations to you, Larry and BTBNL (baby to be named later)!

  3. Congratulations Mimi and Larry – so exciting. Boys are the best. Lots of fun ahead. Send/post more pictures!


  4. Oh my god, you amaze me – my favorite post is your panic attack about the Baby Walkers lack of movement. Why? because I can so relate!

    Congrats to you and your family and welcome Baby Walker. At last I can get a gender specific gift:)

  5. C’mon. Update the blog. We want details!!

    Congrats to all of you 🙂 Can’t wait to hear how you’re doing with Baby Boy Young.

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