Walker’s Purple Crayon

This morning’s installation is visually impressive but hardly as controversial as Young’s earlier work, such as “Wall Dent, 2010” and “Blue and Green Marker Smudge on Bedroom Wall, 2009” while retaining the earlier, more unstudied works’ enthusiasm and unbridled charm. When asked for an artists’ statement, Young initially demurred, then added, “I deny my projects contain any deeper meaning than their immediate aesthetic impact. The purpose of my effort is simply to create works of art or joy and beauty and to create new ways of seeing familiar landscapes.”

He then tied his shoes by himself.


This morning Walker woke up and immediately embarked on a project. He mumbled a quick “good morning” and made a beeline to his Expressive Arts bin (a repository of scissors, markers, glue, googley eyes, popsicle sticks and odds and ends for all creative endeavors). He picked out some blue masking tape, scissors and red ribbon. He sat on the floor in front of his door and cut a long bit of ribbon which he proceeded to segment into smaller pieces. Using the blue tape he placed a few on the wall.

“Mommy! Can you come here please? I need help. I’m making a beach.”

One of my favorite books is HAROLD AND THE PURPLE CRAYON and this seemed to be in the same vein. So, intrigued to see how this would play out, I sat next to him and I took the direction to cut the tape and help him put the ribbons on the wall so the ribbon would curl outward. Once the “wind” was complete, he started on the waves at the bottom using significantly longer pieces of tape.

Once his vision was realized, he sat down and watched an episode of POWER RANGERS. I think he deserved it.

The commentary above is the text Larry wrote and put in a frame on the wall above Walker’s work… I guess it’s fair to say both my boys are a touch creative.

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