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I'm SOOO Big Buddah 2.0 Buddah


We’ve done a few posts without photos so this will be a post without many words. This weekend we wanted to update the Buddah picture so we will be able to chronicle Walker’s development in an iconic sort of way. I’m sure you can pick out which photos were taken recently (hint, there is only one photo of him at five months and two at 12).

The photos below are taken at our new favorite afternoon hot spot — South Sunset Playground. Walker is one of the younger kids but he finds many older girls to flirt with. He climbed up the tower stairs and went down the slide all by himself. We found out there are significant advances in seesaw technology — whoda thunk it? (And for inquiring minds, the new seesaw is a plank on springs so you can bounce with people of varying weights and, probably the real motivator for change — there’s no risk of spine compression when your cheeky friend thinks it’s funny to get off the other side while you’re suspended up top. But wasn’t the potential trip to the hospital part of creating the excitement of the experience?) Walker’s outfit is also notable. Grammie and Granddad Young got this San Francisco memento more than 10 years ago and Aunt Lisa was so sweet to save it for us all these years. How’d she know we’d have a charming little man who’d be a 49ers fan?

I LOVE the park Like my outfit?



And of course we can’t have a blog post without some discussion of some new Walker development. A favorite toy has been Walker’s stacking rings. He’s had them since he was born and he loved to chew on them. Then he loved to bang them together. Then he loved to throw them and scoot after them (and we have video to prove it). Then he loved to keep them in his little hands and crawl down the wood floors so he sounds like a double-peg-leg Pirate or a two-legged horse. But now. This weekend. He loves to put them on the post. He tried it on Friday and wasn’t terribly successful, perhaps making contact a quarter of the time. However, with some practice, he now gets the rings on the post almost every time he tries. I wish I could master a skill that quickly. (And for those of you doing the math, it’s been about three days.) Hopefully now we’ll be able to keep better track of all the pieces (assuming they are on the post) although I may be too optimistic. The green one has gone missing. Hmmmm.

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