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52nd Sunday

Today is the 52nd Sunday of Walker’s life. He celebrated by inviting Gigi from Cincinnati, Zia Hilary from Milan, Uncle Thayer from wherever he might be traveling to next, and a bunch of friends to join him in eating fruit, cheese, and other yummies. There were red wagon rides in the back yard and lots of fun with building blocks. Mommy and Daddy had a wonderful time and noted that all the children were boys! (There were five from 10 weeks to 3 years old.) What’s in the water? Walker went to hug Malcolm when he was leaving so he clearly was very happy to have such a special day. He even had a nice long nap at home.

It was great to know that the rooms we built downstairs so easily accommodate so many people and kids. At one point during the day I looked around and realized how comfortable it felt, seeing all these little people around. I never thought I’d feel in my element with so many runny noses and grubby hands and drooling chins but I can’t think of any place else I would have enjoyed being more. I envision many more of these little events in the future — with crayons and cakes and soccer balls.

Walker hits the club

Yesterday was tons of fun. Walker, Zia Hilary and Mommy went to Baby Disco — a dance party at a hip local club. Ruby Skye was transformed into a kid-friendly playground with a very hip DJ, healthy finger foods (mini carrots, broccoli, goldfish), board books, crawling tubes and hoola hoops. There were kids EVERYWHERE! Controlled chaos is the only way to describe the atmosphere. Everyone was having so much fun dancing around and Walker didn’t know what to do with himself. There were so many options and he was tired and sick but he soon found his rhythm and had a few dances with Zia Hilary. The swirling lights were fascinating and the hoops were very big and fun to move around. Walker enjoyed crawling through a big orange nylon tube although he was a bit wary of it at first. He had to pick it up and look around it a few times before he would get in and crawl to Mommy. But once he committed, there was copious giggling.

So all in all, it was an eventful weekend.

All that dancin' makes me HUNGRY Mom! Did you see? I went clubbin'

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