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by mimzilla


My old iPod recently died and I just got a new one that plays video (yeah, I know I’m not as “hip” as you perhaps thought I was).

Anyway, after loading it up with video of Walker so I can get my quick baby fix while on the go, I loaded it up with TED Talks and have been watching them on the train down to San Jose. Yesterday morning I got to see Stephen Hawking floating weightless, learn about how writer AJ Jacobs lived Biblically for a year, and ponder data from Freakonomic’s Steven Levitt regarding the actual effectiveness of car seat usage.

I highly recommend watching these talks. I feel smarter after watching them.

Now I should take a moment to mention that I got some good-natured ribbing by Gigi about the lengthy “manual” I left for Grammy Jane the other night. I believe one of the most accurate quotes was, “You’d think she’d never seen an child before.” Yeah, OK. She raised two fantastic kids who did get bathed and fell asleep every night. But this is WALKER. I just wanted to make sure she knew all the little details he’s come to expect each night. And what you all DON’T know is that I EDITED the manual to keep it to a single page.

Now you know that TED Talks may make me smarter but no less neurotic.

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