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by mimzilla


About ten years ago I was asked by an industry magazine to write a monthly column about web strategy. I was completely honored to be considered thoughtful enough to author something that would be read each month by my peers. After emerging from the fog of bliss I realized that I would actually have to write something worthwhile each month. It was only 500 words but I can tell you, it was excruciating. The first article took me more than three weeks to write and when I submitted the draft, I was so relieved I burst into tears and chugged a bottle of wine. The second article took me a little less time, I only drank half a bottle and shed no tears. Each consecutive article was easier and took less time. I had achieved a personal goal — overcome my inhibitions about crafting written communications in a focused and persuasive manner on a regular basis. You see, I had a serious block when it came to writing.

My father is a writer. My sister is a writer. My brother is a writer. My husband is a writer. My mother was a writer. I, am not a writer. I make websites.

So, it’s ten years later and I find I have spent a year blogging — a less stressful forum for communicating. No editors and no paycheck, but it’s been equally as rewarding and I hope as meaningful for all y’all. And it was seriously more fun (wine was involved — being consumed DURING the writing, not AFTER).

Here’s what I looked like a year ago. Gosh. I feel a bit less… big.

Knocked Up

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