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Random photo of Walker and Madeline loving each other over cereal

Random photo of Walker and Madeline loving each other over cereal

Walker is boycotting the color yellow. At one time he had no problem with the bright, cheery primary color but recently, he has decided he enjoys every other color in the spectrum — with the exception of yellow. We realized the boycott had begun when we would offer him a choice of vitamins (the gummy bear kind that come in three colors — red, orange, and, you guessed it, yellow). He would consistently pick out some orange / red combination leaving a bunch of sad yellow gummies to be picked through and ignored day after day. (Thank goodness I got two bottles for the price of one so throwing out a third of the vitamins still puts us ahead!)

Next came the yellow toys. He has a bunch of playthings with different color pieces and he’d discard the yellow pieces, sometimes aggressively casting them aside, other times carefully leaving them in the box. The true test of dedication to his cause comes when presented with his favorite edible — M&Ms. He will request 5, 7 or 9 M&Ms and we will count them out of the bag. When he gets the allotted candies, he will pick out the yellow ones and feed them to me. Now, that’s a kid who really holds his ground. Over the past few days, I’m sensing a more lackadaisical boycott as he’s not as consistent at turning away the yellow M&Ms — or perhaps he’s learning to prioritize. “Do I hate yellow more than I love chocolate? NO! Not TODAY!”

As I believe I’ve mentioned before, Walker holds strong opinions — not only about the color of his food and toys but he is also very particular about his clothing. He will get quite upset if he doesn’t have a choice of what to wear and recently, he’s been opting to wear his pajama tops to school. And really, who can blame him when you have such cool Spiderman pajamas (see below). I suppose I’ve been reinforcing this a bit and buying him t-shirts and jammies that I know he will like. However, Gigi recently went on a Gymboree spending spree and purchased a bunch of adorable clothes (she couldn’t resist their big fall sale). I was skeptical that he would wear the clothes since he has had a long-standing boycott on sweaters (I bought this ADORABLE skull and crossbones sweater he refuses to wear), jackets, and any hat other than a baseball cap or dress-up construction and pirate hats. However, he was thrilled he got a present and loved the race car underwear which he demanded to wear to school with NO pants. As a compromise, we took him to school in his jammy top and race car under ware (as well as his protective eye wear — you can never be too careful).

Next we introduced him to the adorable rugby shirt and he demanded to wear the matching cap. He proclaimed he was pretending to be his friend Lucas who always wears the cutest caps to school. He also decided he enjoyed the Cowboy hoodie and luckily, upon returning to Gymboree for more cute undies, we happened upon the perfect accessory to any good cowboy hoodie (you may notice his “cowboy face” looks very similar to his “rock ‘n roll face”…

When shopping for said undies over the weekend, we went into a children’s store and Walker spied some jammies with pumpkins, ghosts, and other adoreable Halloween decorations. These are white, single piece footie pjs with a big zipper from knee to neck. He hasn’t worn this style in about a year and half but he looked at us and asked if he could buy them. At $5.99, we couldn’t refuse and Walker was thrilled he was able to pick out his own clothes. We immediately went home and put them on for naptime. He loved them so much he refused to take them off to go to the corner store so we slipped his crocks over the footies and a matching orange fleece vest over the top. Upon returning home, he demanded we call him “Baby” and he proceeded to crawl around for the rest of the evening. He adores them and given he can’t wear those tops to school, Mommy and Daddy may go find some more of them simply to ensure Walker gets the most out of his fantastic new wardrobe.

And finally, we’re very proud of Walker who has just started a preschool curriculum at Sofiya’s. In just the first week he can sing the days of the week in a song and he can spell his name! Sofiya calls him “Professor.” (Video below so if you’re reading this in email, please visit the site.)

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