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This is going to be a rare non-Walker blog (although don’t be surprised if there’s a mention about him at the end…)

Yesterday, I had a bit of a breakthrough which I am very proud of and I thought I’d share. Those who know me may say that I’m kind of a passionate person. I get excited quickly and by the same token, I can get frustrated and angry quickly. However, I can also be extremely patient. I have yet to understand the pattern of how these traits are applied but I’m sure if I spent some time doing some serious introspection, I’m sure I’d figure it out. I simply don’t have the patience for it. (Heh, get it?)

It’s also important to know that once I get passionate about something, I stay passionate about it. So, I’m currently involved in one of these through-lines of my life. The longer I’m involved with one of these situations, the more dramatic it can be. Eventually, the slightest infraction can send me into an intensely emotional state. The most legendary moment was when I walked into my unsuspecting boss’ office to inform him, “While I’m not proud of this, I must tell you that the sight of you makes me angry.” Of course, this is one of them there “outlier” experiences and I’ve certainly evolved past that. I must also note, I very much respect this person and we have a very good relationship to this day. I guess there’s something to be said for honesty.

Clearly, these experiences are exhausting for me and for those empaths around me.

OK. Now for the breakthrough. Wait for it…

The other day, something happened where I felt myself getting worked up disproportionately to the stimulus. As I was literally getting hot under the collar, I had a moment of clarity. (Symbolically, I was at a stop sign.) I realized that it didn’t make sense to expend the energy on getting cranky about the symptoms as these were just part of a larger pattern. I should simply accept that these things will happen until I can address the root cause.

It was that simple. I was liberated.

A colleague once had someone come in and give a presentation on some sort of personal development hooha I don’t remember much about but to this day, I still joke about the exercise where we took all the things that bothered us and we wrapped them up in a little ball of light and let them go.

NOW I get it. Be free little ball of light! Be free!

<Begin Walker Story>

Walker starts Pacific Primary in a week. Larry represented the family at the maintenance day being all handy and whatnot. In the course of the day, he discovered Walker will not be allowed to bring anything to school that has a tie to media — no shirts, no backpacks, no socks, nothing. OK. So, his closets are filled with superhero and movie and tv stuff.

I find that kind of ironic. Super media kid going to a media-free school.

We have a shopping trip in our future.

<End Walker Story>

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