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by mimzilla


It’s Halloween and despite the fact that I haven’t slept in a week, I have to post a few photos and a short blog.

Walker has decided to wake up a lot during the evening. About a week ago he started waking up every two hours but quickly falling back to sleep after eating. It’s gone downhill from there. Last night he was up every hour or so and deciding that screaming would be a good way to ensure everyone stayed awake with him. It’s a good thing he’s so cute or that kind of behavior would make me cranky. However, he’s happy and cuddly during the day. And the only casualty has been a bit of my sanity but it’s questionable how much I had to begin with.

Today is his first Halloween and of course, he and Daddy donned their astronaut gear. Walker’s jacket is a MacGuyver move — it used to be a jumper but got too small so I cut off the legs and last night, in the dark, although exhausted, while a screaming Walker was consoled by Daddy, I ironed a hem with Stitch Witchery, just so Walker could be a Shuttle Pilot… He does look a bit stunned this morning but trust me, he was thrilled. He also has the coolest Daddy because when Daddy took Walker to day care this morning, he did so in his astronaut costume. Boy, were they a hit! Apparently one child was a bit bent out of shape because before Larry showed up, the kid had the best outfit. Sometimes adults just have better toys.

Anyway, I have many more things to say but I have to go back upstairs and take the opportunity to do a bit of work for Adobe while Walker is sleeping. Did I mention he’s SLEEPING? Keeping my fingers crossed that the spell has broken and all this no sleeping nonsense was just because he was so darn excited to be Commander Tadpole.

Happy Halloween!

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