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by mimzilla


Height: 29.5 inches
Weight: 22lbs 4oz
Head: 46.5 cm

On Friday, Walker went in to be weighed and measured. He continues to flourish — Dr. Mimi says he’s not too thin and he’s not too fat. She went over the nutrition information — 20oz of milk per day, 5 servings of fruits/veggies, etc. She said a serving was 1 tablespoon at his age so that would be a slice or two of banana per serving. Well, given Walker eats half a banana and a few oz of applesauce for breakfast, I think he’s getting his quota before 8am. Nice job Mr. Walker Pie.

Since he’s getting so big, it was time to dig out a few bigger boy outfits. One of them was a very cute pair of overalls. The straps are easily adjusted — so easily in fact, that Walker managed to crawl right out of his pants. Yeah, that’s right. Crawled right out of his pants. The straps came undone and as he was making his way down the hall, the pants stayed put and he peeled out of the fabric like a wiggly little snake shedding his skin. One moment a fully clothed boy was crawling down the hall, the next moment I see a naked pair of legs and a big ol’ diaper heading into the living room.

Today my sister hosted a wonderful brunch for all the babies she knows. There was Walker and Jet (10.5 months and born on my brother’s birthday) and Molly and Oliver (2 year old twins). There was wonderful quiche, zucchini bread, bagels, and fruit. The kids had a good time although Walker was a bit shy at first. He didn’t know what to make of all the new kids. Oh, and the dog that gave him a few big wet kisses the moment he sat on the floor. (Now that was a bit surprising!) He got used to the scene once Uncle Thayer brought out the poker chips. The kids had a great time throwing them around (the little kids) and picking them up (the big kids).

Walker recently decided to drop things behind him. Sometimes it’s food which I later find down his shirt. Sometimes it’s his sippy cup which gets lodged between his head and his highchair. And today it was some blue poker chips. We didn’t find them until after everyone left and Walker ate. He spent a good 30 minutes standing and eating his cheerios and melon and then we took a bit of a play break with PopPop who declared, “What’s that?!” I pulled a poker chip from the top of his diaper. A few minutes later, I noticed another one, a bit deeper down in the diaper. Walker had poker chip imprints on his butt. Most folks have to make sure the baby doesn’t eat things. I have to make sure he doesn’t put it down his pants.

Two new things to note. First, Walker loves melon. Watermelon, Honeydew, Cantaloupe. Doesn’t matter. It’s all yummy. He loves it so much he jams a few big pieces into his mouth so his cheeks get big and puffy. He works his jaws and melon juice gushes out of his cute little puckered lips down his shirt. It’s simultaneously disgusting and endearing. And messy.

Second, Walker is very interested in pointing. He started awhile ago but it was a casual, “hey, look over there.” Now, he’s a pointing maniac. He points left, right, middle, up and down. He points when he wakes up, when he’s eating, and even when he’s falling asleep. He points out everything. I’d love to know what he’s thinking — “hey, look at that! I’ve seen that before. Do you know what that is? And look at that! It’s a groovy color. Can I eat it? Can I drop it behind me? Do you see it? Oh, now look over there! That’s new too.” And over again, and again.

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