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by mimzilla


This is the first entry in a long time (and don’t miss the video below as well). Walker is getting bigger and he’s sleeping better although Larry is singing “Dixie Chicken” to him right now because he’s screaming. He really doesn’t like going to sleep at night (but once asleep he enjoys it). He wants to get as much out of the day as possible. And why not when we do such fun things?

Today was the first time Walker had sand between his toes. We went to Fort Funston to enjoy the beautiful day after all our errands. I’ve been remiss in posting because we’ve been so terribly busy with researching Day Care, arranging activities for my mother’s group, shilling for my friend’s children’s classes, researching new and used cars, helping Larry with a movie treatment, working off the baby weight, and oh yes, teaching Walker important lessons in sitting up, grasping things, and how to nap.

Walker very much liked our trip to Fort Funston because he needed a break after our very fun-filled day. He shopped for a used Toyota, looked at three Day Care centers and interviewed someone at Adobe. OK, well I did most of the interviewing but he certainly participated. I told the candidate that it was sort of a “hazing ritual” — if he could stay focused on the interview with a fussing child he would be on the short list. It turns out that the candidate had done his homework and had read this blog in preparation for our meeting. Hmmm. I guess there are more folks reading this than I thought.

Back to the Fort. We ate a little and then found a nice spot on the sand where we spread out on a blanket with our little socks off. We also thought we’d have some time with our little butt in the sun so we took off our diaper. We laughed and Walker showed me one fist, then the other, then both. Then he showed them to me again and again and again. It’s our new favorite activity. At one point we were fixated on our fists when, out of the corner of my eye, I see the beginning of the Bellagio fountain spectacle. It was beautiful. A perfect streaming arc rising high into the air, the sun glinting off the drops as they fell around the blanket and beading up the sand at our feet. Quite a memorable experience for our first day in the sand.

All of this activity did cause some sand to be brought home with us in a few cracks and crevices. We were very thorough in our bathing this evening.

A Happy New Year wish to all the members of my tribe. I’m a bad Jew who did not attend services because I let daily activities encroach upon the time I set aside for services. I am aware that is sort of the point. These few days are meant to get us all to think about our priorities and consider things bigger than us and our daily concerns. I hope I will be able to find enough balance in my life and demonstrate to Walker the importance of quiet times of reflection. I will be going to services with Mommo/Gigi for Yom Kippur and listening to my temple’s amazing Cantor Barak. I am often brought to tears when I hear her sing Hebrew.

In a rare serious moment, I hope all of you find happiness and health in the upcoming year and may we all be good to ourselves, our family and all those we touch. May we be mindful that we are responsible for our actions and when we review our lives, we’re proud of who we are.

Now it’s time to eat some apples and honey.

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