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Happy Father's Day

Swings are SO FUN!

Comin' at cha'

We have a guest blogger today:

“Da da da da da da da. Da da da. Dadada dadada dadadada. Dada.”

Walker wanted to be sure to take a moment to wish his Dada a very, happy, first Father’s day. Larry had to wait a long time — it’s been 51 weeks since Walker was born. (OMG!) We had a wonderful day — Larry took some time off from slaving in preparation for the San Diego Comic Convention and we all went to the zoo for a picnic. For the first time, Walker seemed to really notice the animals. The big, pink flamingos were captivating and Walker was torn between gazing at the koala or the kids watching the koala. He got some serious play time in on the swings and seems to get how to make it go faster and higher, as he shifts his weight forward and back as he swings. (He’s so ADVANCED!) As he swings through the air, he giggles and kicks and babbles and claps. There was much crawling through the sand and standing up to bang on some of the playground structures. There may have even been some licking of the structures. (Good thing we weren’t in Minnesota in mid-winter.)

I wonder what this tastes like? Does this one taste the same?

Yesterday he went to the local library branch and he got his very own library card! It was teeming with kids (there was a big event at the recreation center next door) so we didn’t check out any books. Daddy did get a new book for Father’s Day — Dr. Seuss’ “Hop on Pop” — so he was able to expand his reading horizons by +1.

Walker is coming along with his sleeping. There have been a few nights when he’s slept from bedtime to 4:30 or 5am (and will go back to sleep until 6:30 or 7 if I pat his head a little). For the last few evenings he has awakened a bit more and started a funky new habit. He’s been compelled to sit up as soon as he wakes. However, he’s so tired that he leans forward and sleeps with his head resting on whatever is close — the crib slats, his feet, or if we’re snuggling, me (which is so sweet it melts my sleepy, sleepy heart). When I try to unfold him and put him on his back, he gets quite contrary and bolts upright again. Not to worry. This phase will pass and he’ll go back to sleeping (relatively more) soundly.

We’ve been doing a lot of crawling and standing. He has tons of fun crawling down the hall and giggling as I chase after him. He also loves to crawl after his bouncy balls — a little purple one or a big yellow one with a red fire truck pattern. He’s learning to share. He frequently offers me Cheerios and cheese. He likes to sit opposite us and roll his ball or truck in our direction. Who knew that’d be way fun to pass the time just rolling things back and forth?

So, Happy Father’s Day to all y’all out there who speak in funny voices, tell stories, make up rhymes, sing Rolling Stones songs, fret over banged heads, and revel in hearing your child’s giggle.

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