by mimzilla


My entire life has been defined by “One more thing…”. When I was a little girl and my father would take me to bed, I would keep him standing there, talking to me in my top bunk (with my sister sleeping below) as I yammered on for 15 additional minutes about “one more thing”. In work, I’ve always taken on “one more project” including starting our own comic book publishing company, AiT/Planet Lar, at the same time that I was working at Bank of America AND getting my MBA from the University of San Francisco. Larry is astounded at my abysmal on-time record because I’m always trying to jam “one more thing” into the time before I need to leave. (A wise woman, Jennifer Nash, recently told me it was OK to be EARLY to something which is a concept I’m still working on.)

As I sit here, preparing for the birth of BABY YOUNG, only days away (due in 4 days, on June 22), I am attempting to get “one more thing” done — the creation of a new blog to document the process and see how I cope with being able to get all those “one more things” done now that Larry and I will have a small infant who will likely not cooperate with my burning desire to check things off my To Do list.

And one more thing…, as with any of my projects, this is not as simple as just starting a blog either. I even have “one more thing” with this small project. I’m testing out WordPress as part of an Adobe project I’ll still be monitoring while I’m out.

I hope you enjoy.

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