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Walker loves his keyboard. And today, he played his keyboard like he has done so many times before. But today, yes today, he added clapping! Hooray! He clapped on his very own. I’ve been trying to teach him for so long. We’ve been playing patty cake and we clap when we make “all gone” with our food, and when we sing “There was a Walker had a cat and Moxie is her name-o”. He’s never joined me in the clapping. But today, yes today, he showed me he was paying attention. And he clapped. A very happy Mommy and Daddy made sure we captured the moment forever and now you can see it for yourself. (Thank you so much Betsy for the fantastic keyboard! We couldn’t have had clapping without you!)

We were so excited about the video we called Gigi on Skype and sent her the link to the video. We got to watch her reaction as she saw it for the first time and it was so ADORABLE how she talked to Walker and clapped for him as he played. (She watched it 3 times.)

As a computer professional, I learn a lot from watching Gigi use her computer. This evening, she did something that was very cute. She was talking away on Skype and all of a sudden her monitor went dark. I told her to hit her “enter” key and the screen went alive again. I explained to her that the screen went to sleep and she replied, “Oh, I BORED it to sleep!” I gotta say, sometimes I find her as adorable as Walker.

I’ve been pondering our recent vacation and I realized “vacations” are actually different than they used to be. I did not expect this. It’s no small task to get everyone packed up, moving in the proper direction on the chosen form of transportation, and then settled at the destination. Once there, it’s a lot like being at home. Every few hours we’re either eating or napping so whatever we want to accomplish, it must be done between the priority tasks. Going to visit Gigi was a perfect first vacation. Given I’ve been visiting Boca for the last 30 years, there’s nothing I HAD to do or see. This was good because it took almost 5 days for us to get it together enough to go to the beach and even then, we only spent 30 minutes in the sun, waves, and sand. I can’t imagine if we had tried to go someplace we’ve never visited. I know I would have tortured the family trying to get through another attraction or event. I think vacations, at least for the near future, are now taking a day off work, sending Walker to see Sofiya, and sneaking out to a movie! (Indiana Jones 4 is coming out on MY BIRTHDAY. Sounds like a vacation to me!)

And finally, I must relate a story. A few weeks ago, I bustled about the kitchen as I do every morning before work. I had put a bunch of frozen milk and food in a bag for Walker, made his breakfast, fed him, got my lunch together, chatted with Larry and got all the bags together to leave. But as I walked across the floor, I realized there was a strange cold spot. I got on my hands and knees and felt around. The floor was so cold that you could see where my hand had been. I called Larry upstairs. He went to the garage to see if there was a cold water pipe that may have burst. After about 10 minutes, we still couldn’t figure it out. The floor remained cold. We’d had unexplained happenings in the house before. The only logical conclusion was that our Ghosty was playing a trick on us. So, Larry and I continued to get ready for work. It was about 5 minutes later that it dawned on me — I had put the bag of frozen milk and food on the floor, right in the cold spot. Gosh. What does it say about us that it was more logical to blame it on Ghosty than to continue to seek a scientific explaination? I guess we’re just big fans of the X-Files.

A few weeks ago was Moxie’s birthday and I thought she turned 14. Turns out she’s 15. Happy Birthday Moxie! You’re looking good for such an old lady. And it’s only 94 days until Walker’s first birthday!

Happy Purim. Happy Easter.

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