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by mimzilla


I Voted!

Walker went to go vote today.

He was quite excited to learn all about the process and what it means for someone to cast a ballot. He had a bunch of squash to prepare for the activity, got dressed in his best sweat suit, and headed out the door. He was intrigued by the people, the little polling pods and the big machine that eats the ballots. However, the highlight of the morning were the big red stickers he and Flat Frog received for their participation.

He’s been quickly progressing in his eating. On Saturday he had REAL FOOD — a few bites of a fresh banana. He understood it was food and gummed it a little before swallowing. It was not the easiest to get down so we gave him something to drink — in his SIPPY CUP. And he’s been practicing his pincer grasp with some little sweet potato puffs for babies. He’s learning to grab them and they go toward his mouth but he’s not always successful in putting them in the maw. Often they end up on the floor.

Walker has also been learning to sleep a bit better. While he’s still waking up at night, it’s not as frequent as recent history. We’ve implemented a no-food rule from midnight to 5am which he didn’t like at first, expressing his displeasure by waking every hour until he ate. Now he wakes up on a fairly predictable pattern and each night it seems to be a bit easier to get him back to sleep. I’m hoping he’ll soon forget to wake up at 3am. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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