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by mimzilla


Today was an incredible day in San Francisco. One of those rare warm and calm days with not a cloud (or fog) in the sky. Mommo (Gigi) went home last night after a wonderful albeit short trip to see the Walker Meringue Pie and Larry had some writing to do. Therefore, Walker and I had a lovely walk with a new friend and her daughter at Chrissy Field and then we sat at the beach for about an hour. It was hot so we decided to forgo the pants and socks to be a bit more free.

Free is nice but it resulted in sand everywhere. And I do mean everywhere (since we had a bit of a poop and had to clean up). I think I spent half the time on the beach trying to remove the beach from between toes, fingers and well, other places further south.

Not ready to give up enjoying the day, Walker and I headed to Golden Gate Park and had a late lunch (both of us). We found a shady spot under a tree in the Arboretum and we lay in the grass. It dawned on me that it was Walker’s first time in grass. What a truly California boy — experiencing sand before a lush green lawn. He very much enjoyed it and he even took a little snooze (until Mommy woke him trying to make him more comfortable — Mommy can’t win…).

Tomorrow is a big day. I will be going to work in San Jose for half a day and Daddy will care for the little man. It will be the first early morning sitting as well as the longest. Larry is amazing with him and has had him at his very fussiest so I know all will be well. It’s more me I’m worried about .

I’m going to take advantage of the last few weeks I have with Walker. Good thing it’s the California summer.

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