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I got home today to find my son had drawn a self-portrait. Walker is 26 months old and is already drawing recognizable images of himself (albeit something that might be more appropriate for a Rorschach test, but a self-portrait nonetheless.) In case you don’t speak “toddler,” at the end he’s saying “Draw Walker more more more more. End story. Go room.” Of course, we’re thinking he’s a genius. GENIUS!

I’ve been terribly remiss in posting — likely because things like work, vacation, and sleep have gotten in the way. However, I have a few things I will provide updates on and then will provide much more detail (hopefully) in future posts.

!!! WARNING: Pee and poop ahead !!!

The first thing I must mention is that Walker decided it was time to give up the diaper. The first week of August he consistently asked to be taken out of his bath so he could pee or poop in the Elmo potty we got him a few months ago. (Of course, we did document his first poop on film but we’ll spare you that photo…) Knowing we had to capitalize on his interest in the potty, I went out and got him some underwear and a travel potty for our week long vacation in Maine. Grandma Shirley had thoughtfully sent us some Pull Ups so we were armed with a variety of potty paraphernalia. While in Maine, Walker spent a lot of time running around pantless (making for some interesting but not postable photos) or in undies and consistently peeing in his little potty. We were amazed.  “Pee coming! Pee coming!” and a run toward the bathroom informs us of his immediate needs. He’s not consistently dry during the day but we’re close and of course, I just bought an enormous supply of diapers. After just two weeks of potty training he made it through two nights without peeing in his diaper — and we’re not even trying to train him at night. He seems to be doing it on his own and is very focused on his goal. I suppose this is a by-product /  benefit of having a child who I might call a “light” sleeper. He wakes up when he has to pee and we stumble to the Elmo potty in the dark and hear Elmo cheerfully declare, “I’m so PROUD of you!” in his loud, chipper voice because Walker has accidentally given him a “high five” as we plop down on the seat trying to carefully avoid the pee guard.

I must take a moment to provide some praise for the inventor of the “pee guard.” We’re teaching Walker to pee sitting down and well, you can’t rely on gravity to take care of delivering the pee from the child to the bowl. If unattended, the pee would be aimed right you. On the travel potty, I had to place my finger on his little penis to ensure it would point down and the majority of pee would make it to the proper destination. Walker tried it a few times but with limited effectiveness. (He’s also interested in wiping himself after pooping but that also is not a terribly effective activity so we’re encouraging a backup pass by Mommy.) Now that we’re home and using the Elmo potty, I have a greater appreciation for that small, round piece of plastic protruding from the front of the seat. Me and the floors are staying much drier than if it was never invented.

!!! END STORY: Pee and poop !!!

Before the potty training (and subsequent wakings to go potty), Walker was consistently sleeping through the night and I blissfully took full advantage — going to sleep early and taking my time rolling out of bed when he awoke in the morning. Walker would go wake up Daddy and then ask, “Where did Mommy go?” Mommy was lying on the bed enjoying the time between sleep and being vertical. After returning from Maine, Walker started sleeping later and is now staying in bed until 7ish. Hallelujah! But he’s now interested in getting in bed until after 8 and won’t often fall asleep until 8:45 or 9pm. He’s getting to be a bit more headstrong so getting him into the bath, then out of the bath, then in his jammies is testing all my powers of negotiation. It’s not always done without a few tears (Walker’s, not mine — yet).

I must sign off now but not before I introduce the next post which will chronicle our Maine vacation. We spent a lot of time in the water and Walker’s favorite game was to play “Scary Monster”. Here are a few photos…

If you find you’re still interested in reading about kids and vacations, please visit Mighty Girl’s “Take Hank Camping, Check” and read about my friends Maggie and Bryan and their 2.5 year old son’s first camping trip. It’s very funny and has banished any thought of going camping with Walker in October for Larry’s birthday.

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