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by mimzilla


Walker hasn’t started walking, talking, or blogging (yet, give him another few weeks) but as a team, we’ve had a few small wins which I celebrate as “milestones” that keep me feeling like we’re making progress toward normalcy.

  • Dressed 4 days in a ROW! Yes, it seems unlikely but I’ve actually had non-jammies clothes on for the last four days (although there are a few of my friends who might question which clothes are my jammies and which are ones I wear out…) Getting dressed doesn’t mean we’re actually getting OUT of the house — we’re at a 50% success rate for that combo — but we’re working on getting out more regularly.
  • Wearing clothes that don’t button down the front AND when I do wear button-down shirts, I’ve been able to successfully match all the buttons to the proper holes rather than having my shirt buttoned all which way.
  • Nursing and changing diapers in public. OK, not exactly in public. It was in the mommies group and at Day One (a baby store) but still. I was out for 5.5 hours today and we didn’t eat or get changed in the house so that’s an important first.
  • Taking a LONG walk. Walker’s first week we went for a 1 mile walk around Stowe Lake in Golden Gate park but last Friday, we took a 3 mile walk by the ocean. Walker got to experience the glorious San Francisco fog. We haven’t tackled any hills or trails yet but given we just figured out the Baby Bjorn carrier, I don’t think we’re too far away from something more challenging (of course, assuming I continue to get dressed on a daily basis.)
  • Laundry. No, it doesn’t sound exciting but I’ve done my first load of laundry since Walker was born. Either Grandma Shirley or Larry has been doing laundry but I needed to wash my smelly, spit-up on jammies and I sent Larry out for a Dad’s movie night with a friend who is also a new father. Walker was fast asleep after our jaunt out today and I just left him in his car seat and I ate dinner, took a shower and started laundry. Wheeee! (I never thought I’d be so happy to do such a mundane chore.)
  • Moxie on the bed. I know you’ve all been concerned about little Moxie and how she’s adjusting to all this. Well, this morning Moxie slept on the bed with me for the first time. OK, she still bolted into the closet at the first Walker Whimper but still, it’s progress and it’s important.

Every day there will be additional Back-to-Normalcy milestones — our first movie, our first bottle (that is not immediately followed with nursing), Mimi’s first few hours away from the family while Larry feeds/changes/plays with Walker, sleeping most of the night — and there will be the wonderful development milestones, but today, I’m thrilled with what we’ve been able to accomplish so far.

A few other things…

I was at my new mommies support group and some how I found myself volunteering to set up a blog and email alias for the group. Good lord. Is there a “one more thing” 12-step program? Perhaps I can set one up in my spare time.

Mommo (Walker’s great grandmother “Gigi”) called me today to inform me that she’s getting a laptop so she can read the blog and get pictures of Walker emailed to her on a regular basis. Walker is going to have to be careful of the power he apparently wields — his mere existence is enough to get his 84 year old Gigi to overcome her computer aversion and become fully equipped with computer, printer and internet connection. I must take a moment to publicly acknowledge all my uncle’s future efforts in technical support. This will be quite a switch from her using voicemail in the same way others use email…

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