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Hanging out in front of Mommys favorite -- Jellyfish!

Hanging out in front of Mommy's favorite -- Jellyfish!


Thank you for a most wonderful Mother’s Day. Without you, today would be just another beautiful Sunday but you are here and I had an incredibly special day. I am called “Mommy” because you exist and I revel in my new identity. Last weekend, I even decided to make up “Walker’s Mom” cards to give out to your friends’ parents. I never knew how much my life would become fused with yours when you were just a concept. Before you were born I had a vision of how life would be with a child but you came along and I’ve made very different choices. I’m thrilled with every one of them. I’m proud of you and I’m proud of me and I’m proud of your Daddy. I love us.

You make life exciting. Every day is an adventure. And accomplishment is part of every mundane detail. You can brush your teeth by yourself and you know that when you turn “W for Walker” upside down you get “M for Mommy”. You love to play in the “backyarden” and you’re sensitive to the people around you. You love to dance and sing and a simple “Mommy, come join me” energizes me, no matter how tired I may be. I can’t believe you can identify three quarters of your letters. I love that you wake me up at 5am when you proclaim your love for lollipops in your sleep.

Today people have told me I’m a good mother. I hope you agree. You make it easy to be your Mommy. And, my mother taught me a thing or two about Mommihood. May you look back on your childhood and remember joy and laughter and adventure. I want you to remember me as I remember my mother — strong, smart, fun, creative, and full of love.

I love the new gardening tools I know we’ll use together. I know you’ll not remember that today we spent the day at the Aquarium of the Bay and the Rainforest Cafe or that we ended up getting you as many presents as you got me. But I do hope, someday in the future, you’ll read through this blog and realize your Mommy and Daddy had no manuals, no training, and no idea what the heck we were doing as parents. All we have is you, and you teach us everything we need to know about guiding you through life to ensure you’re the incredible person we know you will be.

It wouldn’t be very fun if every night, when you ask me “what was your favorite thing?” I reply, “I’m your Mommy” so I’ll do my best to recall some special moment where I felt deeply connected to you or were amazed by you or were entertained by you. But today, let me tell you, my favorite thing is simply that I’m Walker’s Mom.

Happy Mother’s Day Walker.


And because I haven’t posted in awhile, here are some SUPERHERO(tm) videos I thought I’d share.

Here is Larry trying to teach Walker the Green Lantern oath.

And here is Walker singing the “SpiderMan” song now that he’s conquered climbing the spider web at the playground (his first time attempting the large, rope dome). Please note, he is wearing a Batman t-shirt so we’re careful to introduce him to both Marvel, DC (and of course, independent) comic book heroes.

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