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March 17, 1993 – February 4, 2009
AKA Moxie Muffin, Miss Mushie, Comrade Mushkin, General Mushmananov

Moxie was a simple cat. She had one mission and that was to LOVE. But she didn’t love just anyone — you had to be part of an exclusive club, a FOM (Friend of Moxie).

She came into our lives when she was eight. Mommy wanted a cat and we went to Pets Unlimited. We met Moxie and they immediately bonded. The next few years were filled with much snuggling between Mom and Moxie who would have nothing to do with anyone else. Whenever I would come over, she would hide under the bed.

A few years ago, Mom moved and couldn’t take Moxie with her. So she came to live with us. She was so very shy and was overwhelmed by a big house, two people and a new kitty friend, Wilson. She decided to spend almost a week under the office floor as a way to adjust to her new surroundings. She finally committed to her new home and she flourished. She made new friends and spent her days in the sun (when she wasn’t hiding in the closet from the housekeepers or the construction workers). Her favorite place in the whole world was curled up next to (or on) me or Larry. Her next favorite spot was hanging out on the spiral staircase in the sunshine.

She was a bit wary of the small child who chased after her and yelled in her face. She and Wilson shared my affection and would alternate between fighting, snuggling, and ignoring each other.

Today it was clear that Moxie was unhappy and she was no longer going to fulfill her mission — to personify love. Moxie loved us and exerted her peronality to the end and we are grateful we had the opportunity to bask in her glow.

Larry made a nice dinner. I’ve had a few glasses of wine. There is no ice cream in the house. I’m hugging Larry, Walker, and Wilson. She is with Mommy and that, more than anything, makes me feel more connected to them both.

It’s hard enough to lose a pet but Moxie was Mommy’s cat. I have a lot of baggage around this so this ordeal has been particularly difficult. I’ve been joking that I have so much baggage I need a Bell Hop to deal with it all. With all of this drama, it makes me appreciate all my family, friends, and colleagues so much more. Thanks to you all.

The Little Man continues to surprise us. On Monday, he was doing gymnastics at Day Care and usually, Sofia says to him “You did it!” and claps. On Monday she was distracted. He went up to her and tugs at her shirt and says, “I DID it!”. How cool is that? He’s a little boy with communication skills. He’s also straddling the arm of Daddy’s chair and riding it like a pony while singing “Dum de dum dumm, Dum de de dumm dumm.”

It’s all the cycle of life. I didn’t understand it like I do now.

I have a big mushy center. Don’t tell anyone. I’m going to go find some chocolate and watch LOST. Oh, and drink some more wine.

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