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by mimzilla


Walker has discovered that his bath is filled with water and water is fun to drink. His new trick, developed in the last two days, is to try to drink some water from his bath by reclining on his little ramp, turning his head to one side and opening his mouth. Now it’s one of the funniest things to watch because he’s not entirely clear on the concept. He keeps his little eyes open and seems to be surprised when he gets water in them. When he turns to look at me, there’s some confusion on his face but then he flashes me a big huge smile. So whatever he’s feeling with the water in his eye, it must be fun.

The little man is going through so many changes. We’re working on breaking his habit of eating in the middle of the night. He’s starting to eat more solids — he even had 3 Cheerios on Saturday! He’s much more active and is trying to scoot around on his tummy. Sofiya said yesterday she went in to check on him after a nap and he was sitting up. He got there all by himself. She was so shocked she had Lisa come in to confirm that yes, in fact, he was sitting up.

Yesterday I had an altercation. A fellow lactating mother copped some ‘tude with me over the use of the “Quiet Room.” Apparently I had infringed on HER SCHEDULED time and she felt she was ENTITLED to the room. Well, I’ve never seen her before in my life. She’s not from my building and the room in her building is overbooked. Now, there are a number of women in our building who use the room and we’ve somehow managed to work around each other’s schedules. We haven’t felt the need to OWN a chunk of time. But not HER. She had to bring drama and strife into my world. I was aghast. (Not to mention, if the Quiet Room is busy, there’s a perfectly good private bathroom that works just as well — as long as you don’t need to participate in a conference call.)

OK. It’s not that I don’t see her side. She somehow found that the room is able to be scheduled and she thinks that’s the way it works. There are no “usage instructions” posted so why wouldn’t the process be the same for the rooms in both buildings? Well, the process isn’t the same because the process in the other building is WHACK and makes people with nasty attitudes come to MY building and bring us all down.

What happened to being part of the CULT? What happened to misery loves company? We’re all cranky that we have to stop what we’re doing and head to the barn for our milking. So shouldn’t there be some camaraderie? I say YES. I say let’s work it out. I say — I know the folks in facilities and I’m going to have the scheduling ability for the room eliminated so she’s just going to have to join our happy band of cooperating mothers. Take THAT!

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