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by mimzilla


It always seems to happen that one thing breaks and then everything else follows.

The day before Walker was born, our garage door decided to stop working. This after having it fixed back in January. And I only started parking the car in there back in late May after two years of keeping the car outside. Our garage was REALLY FULL of all sorts of stuff that collected as we had the work done on our house (2 years ago), stuff we moved and never unpacked (8 years ago), as well as stuff that the previous owners used to “organize” the garage. As part of prep for Walker, Larry and I got rid of a lot of big bulky items and small annoying things — enough to put our car in the garage. But of course, just as I was getting used to not having to hose the dense layer of grimy fog off the car in the morning, the door broke and the car was once again banished to the driveway.

We also had a nice little ding in the car windshield which needed to be filled in before it got bigger.

And the cat had something strange with his eye — one pupil would dialate more than the other — but didn’t seem to bother him in any noticeable way (he didn’t seem any crazier or crankier than normal).

Our cable seems to “blink” frequently making it seem like everyone has some sort of digital epileptic seizure.

And then Sunday night, as I’m doing the dishes, the water pressure instantly went from a healthy gush to a tiny trickle. I turned the water off and on again only to have the same lack of water pressure. Being Polyanna, I kept washing, hoping the situation would fix itself. I washed and washed until Cousin Barb said, “Do you hear that?” And as I heard the gush, I felt a wave of water under my feet. Apparently the hose that connects the pull out kitchen faucet developed a bit of a hole causing water to backup into the kitchen cabinet under the sink.

Now, I’m not crazy and I’m not going to try to fix the garage door nor am I going to fix the cat (he seems to have fixed himself anyway) but I DID decide I would try to fix the faucet yesterday between dropping Cousin Barb off at the airport and picking up Larry at the airport. I bought the hose and set up Walker in his bouncy chair by the sink. I took the old hose out and struggled with jamming the new hose in the faucet housing. Walker decided he needed to be fed, I had a phone meeting with my boss, and I needed to get on the road to pick up Larry so I left the kitchen in chaos. Larry got home, and while proud of me for understanding the concept, promptly told me to call the plumber.

So, today was an expensive day with a new garage door opening mechanism, the plumber visit and taking the kitty to the vet (to check his eye as well as for his annual vaccinations).

I hope the house doesn’t have any more things to surprise me with.

Walker update: Walker is NOT broken and is thriving. He had a great time with Cousin Barb walking on Chrissy Field, hiking along the Coast Trail, making friends with 6 and 4 year olds, and shopping on Fillmore Street. He’s been out to dinner four times and has had his diaper changed and had a few meals in public. He likes to stretch and he’s very interested in looking at things. He particularly likes his bee mobile and the slats of his crib. He’s sleeping well and has had three video conferences with his Gigi. Yesterday was his first big boy bath in his little bath tub. He LOVED being in the warm water and having Mommy and Daddy play with him.

This week we’re watching the Discovery Channel. Happy Shark Week!

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