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by mimzilla


I’ve had some requests for more video and it’s been tough to find the time to get something charming enough for the world to see. Work has been really, really busy and I’m still trying to find the balance between Adobe, paying bills, making yummy food, and spending quality time with my little Love Lump. (I have found that one of my very favorite activities, aside from bath time, is putting on Walker’s shoes and socks in the morning.)

Yesterday the opportunity for some quality video presented itself. Walker has a cold and while he’s all congested, he doesn’t seem to be feeling terrible (as evidenced by his smiling and laughing and general lightheartedness). However, with the onset of the cold, a favorite communication skill returned — IT’S RASPBERRY SEASON. I couldn’t be happier. You’ll see why I’m such a nut when you watch the video. I particularly like the lead up to the actual event. The big globs of spit and the preparation of the tongue have been perfected over the last few weeks. We are VERY proud of this advanced communication skill.

Today was a big day. We met our friend Sydney from Philly. She’s the beautiful daughter of one of my best friends from high school and Sydney is 7 weeks younger than Walker. They seemed to have a nice time together and we hope it’s the first of many visits.

I’m beginning to prepare for the holidays. I’ve started knitting Walker’s stocking. Tonight I’ll plan Thanksgiving dinner and I will scale back what I usually make. (Mommo/Gigi reminds me that I can have guests bring some dishes.) Dad and his friend Rich Perry are coming from Sea Ranch and we’ll get a chance to meet Dad’s NEW DOGGIE, a beautiful four year old yellow lab named Bart (aka “American Bart” since my sister Hilary’s Italian dog also answers to Bart). Thayer will also be in attendance so I’ll be the only chick which is notable, since at my step-mother’s family gatherings, there is significantly more estrogen represented. (Moxie will be in the house but I suspect she will be hiding deep in the closet to be safe from the dog.)

I’ve realized how difficult it is to get everything done. There are a few errands I’ve wanted to complete and have been putting them off because either I don’t have the time or I choose to spend it with Walker. My list of stuff to do just gets longer and I don’t check items off as frequently as I have in the past. At some point I do get to them. It just may take a few weeks. I’m learning to reset my expectations and be comfortable with not being able to cram errands in on my way home from work. I’m also (slowly) getting more efficient at work. I have been leaving work around 5 so I can pick up Walker from Sofiya’s. We’re working on making dinner early, putting Walker to bed, and then doing some more work before bed. It’s not a schedule I can maintain every day given my current sleep schedule but it’s manageable a few times a week.

Off to flip through my Thanksgiving recipes and make my shopping list. If you have another moment, you may want to learn something about yourself by figuring out which way the dancer is spinning

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