by mimzilla


I’ve been working on a Birthday blog but I’ve been so busy I haven’t been able to finish it off. Some of you have made requests for blog updates so I thought I’d provide a small video for your viewing pleasure. Last Saturday, Walker took us to the zoo and one of his favorite activities is to run through the tunnels and test out the acoustics. I captured the moment for you to share. (It was the Zoo’s birthday as well so they distributed crowns to celebrate and Walker is donning his “Junior Zookeeper” vest.) You may want to turn down your volume a tad as the small person does pack quite a strong set of lungs.

Also a note: Walker went to his two year old check up and he weighed in at 28lbs 2oz (55%), measured 35″ (70% although they measured him lying down so I think he’s a bit shorter…) and had a head circumference of 48.7cm (55%)

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