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It’s been awhile since I posted last and now the pressure is on…Gigi is on the Internet. She bought a computer and a family friend is helping her get her wireless and browser set up so it automatically starts up with her email and the blog. Walker even had his live debut on the Internet by having a video call with Gigi so she could see how much he’s grown in the last three weeks.

Welcome Mommo (Gigi) and thank you Jim Levinson for all your help and patience.

Also, Grandma Shirley has a few big days coming up with her move to South Carolina to be near my sister-in-law and her family. Good luck and our thoughts are with you as you embark on this new and exciting adventure!

A few important Walker items. He’s now 4.5 weeks old. He’s 10lbs 6oz and 22.5 inches long. He’s close to growing out of some of his clothes already and that’s sort of sad. The clothes are so cute! He slept 6 hours last night (WHEEEEEEE!) but I don’t expect this to be a pattern for awhile. I think the shot he got at the doctor (boy, was he a brave young man) made him sleepy. I’m pleased that he’s gaining weight so quickly but that he’s also growing so he’s in pretty good proportion. I have a thing about him getting really big and getting a fat head. Seems his head is in good shape right now. We’re also doing a little less laundry as we had been in the early days because he’s getting control of his digestive system with few poopy blow-outs and projectile spit ups (we did have to change his outfit at 4:30 this morning due to the milk gyser erupting as we were falling asleep).

Larry is down in San Diego for Comic-Con (we miss you honey and don’t torture all 150K people with the Walker’s picture!). My cousin Barb is visiting from Cincinnati for the week to help out. She’s been wonderful and Walker seems to really like her. I’m learning a lot from watching and chatting with her — I don’t have to feed him every time he fusses, he really does like his bouncy seat, and he is as perfect as I think he is. We’ve been very busy doing errands, seeing the city, and we’ve now been out to eat three times with Walker in the last three days. Walker has been a rock star and hasn’t been fussy. I’m really lucky and it’s easy to remain centered and stress-free when he’s being so good. We had a great walk today on one of my favorite trails — the trail we walked on the “Walk that Baby Out” blog — and Walker was nestled in his Baby Bjorn. I FINALLY figured out how to adjust the thing so it was comfortable. I understand all the jokes about the terrible instructions for children’s toys. Everything seems partially described and you have to really reinvent this stuff to figure out how it’s supposed to work.

Walker and I spent the weekend like millions of others — reading the HARRY POTTER book. I got it at 8:30 on Saturday and I was finished with it around noon on Monday. I very much liked it and was quite satisfied with the ending. He cooperated by sleeping on my chest the entire weekend. But I do need to point out that I have continued to get dressed daily even if I didn’t leave the house.

I’ve been chatting with folks at work and I’m very excited about how things are going there. My boss and I have been discussing how to organize the group and I’m jazzed about the direction we’re taking. We’re going to get some more help and we’ll be able to really focus on some exciting projects. It’s going to be a big challenge for me when I get back but I’m looking forward to what awaits me upon my return. It will be hard to leave Walker but the work will be rewarding and will keep me busy.

It’s late and I’m going to snuggle up and watch some DAILY SHOW while I listen to Walker breathe.

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