by mimzilla


It’s Father’s Day and only 5 days away from the due date. We have about a week before we get anxious out-of-town guests who are beside themselves excited about the new family member. In preparation, I’ve been cleaning the house, filing and paperwork, errands, etc. but I’ve decided it’s important to take long daily walks. This seems to lessen my aches and pains as well as tucker me out so I don’t wake up in the middle of the night and toss and turn resulting in hours of reading or movie watching (which is becoming a nightly custom — Larry is asleep right now since I got him up at 2:30am and we watched SERENITY until 4:30. Of course, I had been up since 1am. Apparently the walk didn’t help yesterday, but I digress.)

There’s a great little path from Land’s End in San Francisco and it goes along the ridge to Eagle Point, near Baker Beach. I’ve never gone to the entire length of the trail as I always veer off to take the zillion stairs down to the cool rock meditation circle that overlooks the ocean. But even I’m not crazy enough to try that 9 months pregnant. So, I decided to just walk the length of the coastal trail.

It was a GORGEOUS day and donning the “Happy Camper” hat provided graciously by my wonderful Morrison relatives, Larry and I trudged off on our walk. It was perfect. Not too hot, not too cold. The day before we’d walked about 2 miles along Ocean Beach in the fog but were rewarded with watching a harbor seal play in the surf for over 30 minutes.

The nature on this walk was much more flora rather than fauna and I do have to say, I was the celebrity on the walk. Little children gawked at my tummy and the best part of the walk was when we over heard a woman declare, “She’s tryin’ to walk that baby out!”.

Apparently that’s what my mom did with me over 38 years ago. Might as well try it for BABY YOUNG.

One more walk today…

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