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Larry is off in San Diego at the annual comic convention where more than 120,000 people talk about comics, movies, television, games and other random entertainment — oh, and hopefully spend some money at booths like the AiT/Planet Lar . It’s particularly exciting for us given we’ve had two books recently purchased by big names for live action feature films — MONSTER ATTACK NETWORK was purchased by Disney and HENCH by Danny McBride and Warner Brothers. Not content to keep things simple, rather than renting the cargo van we usually get, I reserved a mini-van. There was some drama when we went to get the car and they initially said they couldn’t take out the seats which is not what I was told over the phone. However, there was a miscommunication and we converted the van into a comic-hauling machine. We knew it was going to be tight getting all the comics, food, shelves, and dollies into the car but as you can see, Larry and Ian did a terrific job packing the car.

This is the third time Larry’s gone to Comic-Con without me and I have to say, I have some pangs of regret for not being there. I suppose I’m romanticizing the event after two years away but I do miss seeing some of my friends and talking about some things other than driving marketable universe, leads, customer satisfaction, and revenue through However, I know SDCC is a lot of work and Walker would completely freak out at all the stimulation so attending would be crazy. So, Larry is there and we’re up here and Walker keeps asking me “Where did Daddy go?” We’ve been talking to Larry a lot on the phone and I’ve been explaining what a trip is and talking about the concept of time.

I shouldn’t be surprised but I’m continually shocked at how fast Walker’s little synapses are putting thoughts together. He’s able to count (albeit inconsistently correct and today he believed the word “number” followed each integer — “1 number, 2 number, 3 number, etc.”), sing his ABC’s, Old McDonald, and Row Row Row Your Boat. He’s forming full sentences, telling me what he does and doesn’t like (which is a mixed blessing) and answering questions. He’s even talking in his sleep. A few nights ago he sang “Mommy”, one night he chatted about the “BEEECH”, another night he repeated “Daddy did it!” and last night he demanded, “No! I do it!”

Speaking of “I DO it!” Walker is emerging into a true two year old. We’ve had a few little tantrums that all stem from frustration when we help him (against his will). I don’t have a lot to complain about as the emotional outbursts are short-lived and relatively infrequent. But one result of trying all these big boy things is that he’s been extremely attached to me. Each morning he’s wanted to sit in my lap until it’s time to start getting ready for work and then he stands in front of the shower and cries. I love the snuggling (and his sweet, soft hands which he likes to put on either side of my face, big hugs, and the little kisses he gives me) but the tears are a bit heart wrenching and it takes monumental effort by Larry to get him distracted. Luckily this morning he was extremely helpful and let me take a shower while he played where I could see him. I’m hoping for the same tomorrow.

He’s also gotten to be a picky eater. Even the old standby of chicken nuggets and hot dogs weren’t working. One day he only ate fruit and three adult-sized servings of yogurt. Yogurt seem to be the favorite food as he’s eaten 9 (yes, 9) 6oz containers in the last three days. Thankfully he eats what Sofiya feeds him and then only eats packaged food (cheese sticks, yogurt, cookies, apple sauce) at home. We met a couple at the zoo with a boy Walker’s age who was having similar food challenges. They said he goes through phases and only ate fruit for two weeks. They found themselves begging him, “You don’t get your blueberries until you eat your pizza,” and then realized how crazy they sounded. I find it fascinating that Walker is the only 2 year old that doesn’t like bread or pasta. We always knew Walker was unique.

Last week Grammie J was on a bike trip (and was a total stud and ascended a 3500ft mountain in less than six miles) so she couldn’t take Walker to swimming. The responsibility fell on my shoulders. We started off by going to Jamba Juice and Walker got his very own smoothie and we shared a blueberry-lemon muffin. Then it was time for swimming. He was so good getting changed and putting everything in his locker. Once we got into the pool it was fantastic. He was amazing — he jumped into the pool, blew bubbles, kicked his feet, paddled is arms and put his whole head underwater. I was so proud of him and as an added bonus, he was so good about taking a shower and getting dressed in the locker room. He is very helpful.

Walker likes to help in a number of ways. He has some chores — he has to put all of his clothes in the “ham PER” and he feeds Rwoar his dry food which entails taking the dustpan and door stop off the top of the container, removing the lid, scooping the kibble into the big bowl, replacing the lid, dustpan and door stop. He’s also expanding his skills to cooking. The Elmo cake was his first creation and yesterday he helped me make soup in the crock pot and today he ran in the kitchen yelling “Hep! Cooook!” after asking for pancakes which he didn’t eat (yes, he had “yo gurt” instead). His memory is good as he has asked me every day for the four days to make him an “Elmo Cke.”

So much happened during Walker’s birthday weekend that I haven’t had a chance to mention the amazing time we had when Larry’s sister’s husband Scott visited. He’d never been to San Francisco before so it was so much fun seeing the city through his eyes. We took him to Twin Peaks (where he enjoyed the city views and those of the well-architected South American woman next to us), drove him around Sea Cliff and Pac Heights (after getting stuck in parade traffic for more than 45 minutes) and ended up at Chrissy Field and our march to the Golden Gate Bridge. I would be remiss if I neglected to mention our venture to Baker Beach and how much fun we had playing in the sand and watching Larry fall into the ocean. I brought extra clothes for Walker but didn’t think to bring a dry set of clothes for Larry…

Showing Uncle Scott around my city

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