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The Boy at the Other End of the Year

A little Holiday Story from guest blogger, Larry Young, written last year for Walker's three and a half birthday (which just happens to fall on Christmas Eve). We hope you enjoy! Nick looked down at his watch and saw there wasn't much time left. He wasn't feeling himself, but he put that aside. He'd wrestle

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Walker is boycotting the color yellow. At one time he had no problem with the bright, cheery primary color but recently, he has decided he enjoys every other color in the spectrum -- with the exception of yellow. We realized the boycott had begun when we would offer him a choice of vitamins

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Becoming a boy

I haven't posted in awhile and I have limited time so bear with me if this submission is not the narrative you've all come to expect. First, let me tell everyone that my neck is all healed and the surgeon did a great job -- the scar is going to be practically invisible an it

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I started a new job this week. After eight years at Adobe, I have moved to a new company. What's notable is not that after all that time I was able to extract myself but rather, at the new gig, I get a fresh start. Like so many people, I've been able to move between

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I’m Three

Tomorrow is Walker's third birthday and things have been terribly chaotic over the last few weeks. We were out of town having a wonderful time with Grammie Shirley, Aunt Lisa, Uncle Scott, Cousin Giselle and Cousin Alec (Walker followed Cousin Alec around like a puppy dog because he was so terribly fascinated by a bigger

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Media Mix

In a prior missive, I mentioned that we were reinforcing potty training using stickers to bribe our little guy into peeing in his Elmo potty rather than his pants. He quickly got into the spirit and within a few days, he covered the small piece of cardboard we taped to the wall with dozens of

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Mother’s Day 2010

Walker, Thank you for a most wonderful Mother's Day. Without you, today would be just another beautiful Sunday but you are here and I had an incredibly special day. I am called "Mommy" because you exist and I revel in my new identity. Last weekend, I even decided to make up "Walker's Mom"

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He’s a real little boy now

As evidenced by last week's video, I attended Walker's swimming class. However, he had no idea I was there. He had been having some trouble leaving me in the morning because he would tell me he really wanted to spend time playing with Mommy and Daddy at home so I ensured I was filming from

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Swimming with Grammy Jane

Walker went swimming today with his Grammy Jane. I went to watch and, of course, document the occasion. He's really comfortable in the water and we're so very proud of our little dolphin. Thank you Grammy for giving Walker this experience. And don't get any ideas about surfing, Uncle Thayer!

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